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FOR SALE: JINKAKU RADIO and ANNY's LTD. CDs, DVD, and book (updated)

Unfortunately I have to sell most of my music collection. I have several hard to find JINKAKU RADIO and related items here, including the ANNY's LTD. CDs. Please take a look if you're interested.


回路 (kairo) (maxi single) 4 tracks / second pressing.  (photo)  $40
証拠 (shouko) (album) 13 tracks / first pressing in large book packaging.  (photo)  $60
遊歩道 (yuuhodou) (maxi single) 3 tracks.  (photo)  $30
姥捨て山 (ubasute yama) (maxi single) 3 tracks.  (photo)  $18
額縁 (gakubuchi) (maxi single) 2 tracks.  (photo)  $18
悪意 (akui) (maxi single) 2 tracks.  (photo)  $15
バンギャル症候群 (bandgal shoukougun) (single) 1 track / limited edition only available at live performances.  (photo)  $48

バンギャルラヂオシアタァ (bandgal radio theater) (DVD) / full-length live DVD.  (photo)  $55

こんにゃろめ (konnyarome) (book) / a collection of YUUKI's written columns from h'evn magazine.  (photo)  $25

きわもの達の果実 (kiwamono-tachi no kajitsu) (compilation) 12 tracks / featuring 2 JINKAKU RADIO tracks, 変身 (henshin) and 切り札 (kirifuda). Henshin is exclusive to this compilation and the version of kirifuda included here is different from the version on the yuuhodou single. Other bands featured on the compilation are いろは (iroha), 【denno:oblaat】, ホタル (hotaru), カリメロ (kalimero), and ドレミ團 (doremi dan). 2 tracks from each.
(photo)  price: $35

Shock Edge 2002 (compilation) 17 tracks (2 discs) / featuring the original version of JINKAKU RADIO's 火曜日の焼却炉 (kayoubi no shoukyakuro), different from the version on the shouko album. Other bands included are Vanilla, ナイトメア (nightmare), k@mikaze, Sinkro, ホタル (hotaru), S to M, D'espairsRay, カリメロ (kalimero), メトロノーム (metronome), Vogus Image, Shulla, いろは (iroha), WAIL, ポロリ (poroli), Fatima, and Plastic. Includes CD-extra: videos of bands.
(photo)  price: $20


band featuring NAOKI of JINKAKU RADIO, the vocalist of ラヴィアンローズ (la vie en rose), and the guitarist from カリメロ (kalimero) / heidi.

[CLOCK WORK ORANGE the DISK] (mini album) 5 tracks / limited edition. includes jacket-sized sticker.  (photo)  $40
[CLOCK WORK ORANGE the DISK] 2 (album) 13 tracks / includes CD-extra: STEP UP!! MIND SYSTEM!!!! PV.  (photo)  $30

I apologize for the blurriness of some pictures - my camera just won't do any better when it doesn't want to.  If you need to see something clearer, I can scan it.

Everything is complete (with title strip where applicable) and in excellent, near-perfect, like new condition unless otherwise stated. And I really do mean -like new-.  If you need more information, please ask.

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Payment & Shipping

Shipping for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs within the US is $3.00 for first class or $5.00 for priority.  For more items, shipping will be calculated based on what you purchase.  For shipping outside of the US, charge will be determined on an individual basis depending on where you live and what you purchase.  Generally speaking, international airmail is $6-8 for 1-3 CDs or 1-2 DVDs.  Priority International is also available, ask about rates.

I accept Paypal or Postal Money Order.

Thanks for looking!
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