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First of all, the band will have a oneman live on the 6th of December at Takadanobaba AREA entitled 「RAI RADIO THEATER」. What is interesting though, is that the live will be organized in two parts; day and night. The day part begins at 16:00 and the night one at 19:00. A ticket for the day part costs 2000 yen and for the night one 3500 yen.

Furthermore, the band has finally launched their official MySpace, so be sure to check this out!

And last but not least, Naoki has created a mobile blog at mbga town, which is located here.

taken from SHattered-tranquility who goot it from their OHP
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Deleted comment

Yay! It feels like forever since Jinkaku has done anything x_x
i had just more recently started getting into them and im happy bout this^^