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Intro post!

1) Name, age, location, etc:
My nickname is Yumeko, Im 14 and from England ^^

2) How and when did you get to know Jinkaku Radio?
I only found out about them a few days ago but I'm already a big fan of them! I heard Taiyou and I immediately fell in love with them. I dont know but their song Taiyou reminded me of something (but I dont know what) NOSTALGIC~ XD

3) What do you like best about the band?
I like the Yuuki's voice and their captivating music.

4) Favorite song?
Taiyou and Sakura are my faves at the moment <3

5) What other bands do you like?
I like lots of bands like Gazette, Dir en Grey, D=OUT, KIDDIE, SuG.. etc

5) Any ideas for the community?
Like someone else said before, create a tagging system.. hmm be more active? ..and thats all ^^
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