Sparrow (wingsinacage) wrote in jinkakuradio,

Introductory Post

1) Name, age, location, etc:
My name is Sparrow... the rest is a mystery, even to myself.

2) How and when did you get to know Jinkaku Radio?
I don't know how I was introduced to them in the beginning, but it was about 6 or 7 years ago, and then life happened and I kind of forgot about them. But then, my all-time favourite band, THE VELVET, got a new support drummer, named Mai...
Found out he was in Jinkaku Radio, which reminded me that they exist, and I love them all over again. :D (Thanks Mai!)

3) What do you like best about the band?
Unique vocals, awesome lyrics, and catchy music.

4) Favorite song?
午後の落下, ネジマキドリ, 勿忘草

5) What other bands do you like?
THE VELVET (as I mentioned), Plastic Tree, 9GOATS BLACK OUT, shrine, the NAMELESS, Art Cube, MICA-TYPE, BLAM HONEY, shiki∞project

5) Any ideas for the community?
Create and make use of a tagging system... ._. I went trawling through every post for lyrics...
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