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1) Name, age, location, etc:
D., 31, living near Kobe in the Kansai region of Japan.

2) How and when did you get to know Jinkaku Radio?
Just saw them at the Beat Shuffle Live Side show at Osaka's Big Cat. XD

3) What do you like best about the band?
They're not really sane. Well, Yuuki isn't. I laughed SO HARD at his antics. XD I also like the little bits of steampunk-ish design they use, and their kind-of twisted 60s Brit Pop look. XDDDD

4) Favorite song?
Very new to this fandom, but I lovvvvve お人形さん. XD Oh, the violence.

5) What other bands do you like?
Nightmare (along with 仙台貨物) is my main fandom, but I also love ABS, シド, BUCK-TICK, Ayabie, Mix Speaker's, Inc., and others.

5 (PART THE SECOND??)) Any ideas for the community?
I'd love to find some more information on the band members. A memories post with vital statistics and some other basic things would be good. Plus, I know virtually nothing about the support members, other than the rhythm guitarist was really cute. XD

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